Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nortwest Assault Blog

Greetings. Welcome to the blog page for Northwest Assault, an underground diy heavy metal lifestyle magazine. Originally the plan was to keep Northwest Assault militantly tangible, with no online presence whatsoever, as I feel strongly about growing local identity and developing local solidarity. However, even for people in the Pacific Northwest, it may be hard to read our content, as we have no distribution right now, short of driving places with stacks of our writings. 

Content from the magazine with be uploading no sooner than one month following printing. This blog is an archive, not the main publication. Archived content will be scans of the actual pages, not typed posts, to help keep the feel of the original publication intact.

I am currently laying out and finishing issue number one, and we have big plans for issue two. As always, we are very interested in collaboration and reader-submitted content and ideas. For more information on this, visit the facebook page at 

Again, this blog is only an archive, not the main page, nor a reliable means of contact.

"Let us settle, and read of metal."